Personal Mosquito Net Shelter (Single)-SNGL

Personal Mosquito Net Shelter (Single)


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An indispensible item for traveling or backpacking in bug infested regions. Our Mosquito Net shelters are small, light and compact.
  • Black mesh netting is a multifilament polyester that offers better visibility than white mesh
  • Fine, 500 holes per square inch hexagonal mesh prevent most insects entry
  • Height is easily adjusted
  • Asymmetrical center hanging point gives practical headroom and uses less netting than shelters with a center hanging point, so our shelters are lighter and more compact.
  • Color coded corners for easy set up
  • Tuck-in sides offer extra protection
  • Double version has 22 spreader pole that packs down to 6
  • They come with a handy stuff sack for easing packing
  • Size when packed in its stuff sack: Single 5 x 4 and Double 7 x 5
  • Now offered in a Permethrin treated version
  • 7'3\ L x 4' W x 3'6\ H
  • 9 oz.