Keeping it Real for 40 Years, Real Cheap Sports’ 40th Anniversary

Keeping it Real for 40 Years, Real Cheap Sports’ 40th Anniversary

In 1981, Patagonia founder, Yvon Chouinard, and his brother Jeff, had an idea for an outlet store.  Its mission would be to serve the community by selling Patagonia overruns, closeouts, seconds merchandise, and related outdoor gear, at discounted prices.

The Chouinard brothers found a suitable location at 36 West Santa Clara Street in Ventura, just a block and half from Patagonia’s headquarters. When registering their new outlet store name, “Cheap Sports,”  the Chouinard brothers did a search of company names and found another business listed as “Cheap Jeans.” In a move to be unique, Real was added to the name, and to the side of the Cheap Sports logo.

In 1998 Real Cheap Sports left the Patagonia umbrella and became an independent outdoor store and outlet dealer for Patagonia, owned solely by Jeff Chouinard. In 2008, Real Cheap Sports was sold to longtime store manager, Tim Coates, and his wife, Ashley.  Real Cheap Sports is still in its original location, continues its tradition of a customer-focused, authentic outdoor store, and offers quality products at discounted prices.


  • John Moore

    Interesting piece of history. I remember shopping at the store since it’s beginnings. It has always been a great experience with fantastic deals, service and a friendly vibe. See you guys at the sale.

  • Gordon & Kathy Carpenter

    This is a very nice store.
    Quality outdoor gear and equipment! Very personable and knowledgeable staff!
    I can remember when a very young Tim Coates purchased this store.
    Pay them a visit and say hey to Tim…
    Keep up the superb work Ashley and Tim!!

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