Space Emergency Bag-

Space Emergency Bag


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The Space Brand Emergency Bag utilizes the same superinsulating materials that wre developed by NASA for the Apollo Space missions.� The Emergency Bag provides full body coverage and cn be used inside a sleeping bag, over a sleeping bag, or by itself in a true emergency situation.� It reflects 90 percent of radiated body heat, providing warmth, comfort, and protection for the wearer.� The Emergency Bag remains flexible at temperatures to 40 degrees below zero, making it an� ideal personal protection accessory for all outdoor enthusiasts.� It also acts as protectino from snow and rain and as a windbreak against chilling winds to help deter the onset of hypothermia.

The Original Space Brand Emergency Bag is quality manufactured to the same high quality standards as the Emergency Blanket, but is specially fabricated with pressure sealed tape to form a bag providing full body coverage when one is at rest. This emergency bag can be used inside a sleeping bag, over a sleeping bag, or by itself in a true emergency situation. The full body coverage design allows for maximum retention of radiated body heat and like all Space Brand products, also acts as a windbreak against biting cold winds and/or protection from rain and snow. The ideal product for your gear safety pack. It provides an added level of personal protection in high country, when the weather quickly changes on your outdoor trek or for those cold, damp nights camped under the stars. This product is perfect when you have to stop and rest for a period of time, or spend the night. Because of the intense reflective properties you should only use this in temperatures below freezing. If you need to use it at higher temperature levels be sure to occassionally get out to allow perspiration to dissipate. The open length is a full 7'x3', large enough to provide coverage up and over your head, leaving your face exposed to breathe. The folded package is less than 4\x3\x2\ and weighs just 3 ounces.