Flash 2 Tent.

Flash 2 Tent.

  • The fusion of luxury and lightweight come together perfectly. The Flash tents defy all previous beliefs about how light a full-size, full-featured shelter can be.



    Can be pitched anywhere—no matter how impenetrable the surface


    Large Double Drop Doors

    Uncommonly wide and large enough for two to sit side by side


    15" Integrated Awning Poles

    Maximizes the door opening and drip line without the weight of a support pole


    Hybrid Double/Single Wall

    Reduces weight and provides quick, dry set-up, even in the rain


    High Ceiling

    Accommodates today’s thicker mattresses with plenty of headroom


    Symmetrical Dome Shape

    Allows both “lover” (head-to-head) and “buddy” (head-to-toe) sleeping configurations


    Immense Interior Space

    Allows occupants to sit at either end with room in between for a comfortable game of cards


    Gear Closet

    Gear storage where it should be—away from the door. Whether toggled closed or left open for additional venting, gear stays dry in a rainstorm. Plus, each occupant gets zip-accessible individual gear storage